Corporate Strategy

To Develop & Apply a Human Resource Policy which Permits Harnessing the Requisite Technical know-how from within the Country and is Firmly Committed to a Continuous training Program.

To Further Strengthen its Distinctive Engineering Consultancy Competence in undertaking upcoming Projects. To build Competent & Skilled Workforce to Continuously Develop and improve our skills and Business Practices.

To undertake Design and Engineering of Industrial / Commercial Projects aimed at using Country's own Manufacturing Capabilities and Resources.

To diversify and make inroads into other upcoming Sectors such as Power Generation through Alternate Energy Sources.

To Extensively use Modern analytical Tools and Techniques, Information Systems Technology and Engineering Software/ Programs including Computer-Aided-Design in order to improve Quality of Services and internal Productivity.

To Achieve Customer’s Satisfaction as the Driving Force behind the Spirit to Meet Challenges and reach the Excellence in whatever Job ENAR Undertakes.